Saturday, November 20, 2021


Hey, all. This is going to be a bummer update, so apologies in advance. Back in August I went into Urgent Care to get treated for extreme head pressure, pain and dizziness that'd been bothering me for about a week. At first I assumed it was related to my EHS but the dizziness was something new and extremely scary so I figured I better not blow it off. They put me on a prednisone burst and sent me home. Since that day, I've been to two additional Urgent Cares and a trip to the ER and I still don't have any conclusive answers as to what is going on with me. The dizziness has mostly let up and is really only an issue sometimes when I'm lying down. The headaches are pretty much a daily presence, as is the anxiety that goes along with them. Sleep...yeah, that's not happening so much. In other words, I'm pretty much an effed up mess right now. 

That brings me to the part of this post that has me ready to cry. I was really hoping to be able to release Triple Trouble on schedule but as some of you are probably aware I already had to push the date to December. Although it's the absolute last thing I want to do, I've made the decision to pull the preorder on Amazon.  I still plan to release Triple Trouble, and hopefully it will be no later than the first part of January. Please know that this is NOT an easy decision for me and I hate that I'm letting my readers down in any way. I'm keeping the preorder up on the other vendors and I will let you all know when the book goes live everywhere. 



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