Tuesday, November 29, 2011

It's a Naughty and Secret Christmas!

Today is an extra special release day, my friends. Not only is The Naughty List officially out, but my fellow Samhain author and good buddy, Sierra Dean, is also celebrating the release of her latest Secret McQueen book, Secret Santa. Folks, if you haven't read Sierra's fabulous and exciting UF series, what in the heck are you waiting for? Run--don't walk--to pick up your copies now!

In the meantime, Sierra and I are celebrating our status as release day buddies by holding a super fantabulously awesome contest where 2--count 'em 2--lucky winners will each win a digital copy of Secret Santa and The Naughty List. So how can you get in on this sweet deal, you ask? Easy peasy. Just answer the questions that Sierra and I have posted on our blogs and you're in the running. One entry per person, but you must send us answers to both of our posts to qualify. Contest open to US and international residents, and ends midnight EST on Wednesday.

Here we go...

In The Naughty List, what was Lacey's consolation prize for chickening out on Ry and Bram's dare to sing "Like a Virgin" during karaoke night? You can find a hint here by clicking on the excerpt section. Once you have your answer, please send it to Sierra at sierradeanbooks@gmail.com. Please note: we will not accept answers in the comments section. To view Sierra's question, please click here. Good luck!