Friday, February 14, 2014

Romance...My Way Blog Hop!

Welcome to my stop on the Romance...My Way Blog Hop! Without a doubt, my two favorite romance tropes are friends-to-lovers and reunited lovers. My 2 most recent releases feature both of these themes, and as is typical for me, I decided to write both of them with a bit of a twist. In Three Ways to Wicked, I took my friends-to-lovers to the next level by not only having the love story be a menage, but also exploring the dynamics of a m/m/f triad between Ty, Gibb, and Kayla.

In Sweet Sizzle, my reunited lovers--Rory and Bennet--have a rocky history to overcome. For most guys, Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to woo back the love of their life. But what do you do when she hates everything about the holiday, and with good reason?

I really had a lot of fun writing both of these books, and I'm already itching to pen more stories in both fictional worlds. For a chance at winning a digital copy of Three Ways to Wicked and Sweet Sizzle, just leave a comment telling me what your favorite romance trope is. For a bonus entry, you can like the Red Hot Valentine FB page Just make sure you mention that you did so in the comments. If you've already liked the page, that counts too! Also don't forget to enter for the grand prize giveaway for the $50 gift card via the Rafflecopter form down below!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Hearts on Fire Blog Hop!

Welcome to the 2nd ANNUAL HEARTS ON FIRE Blog Hop.

Here’s how to hop…
1.) Kym, Eve, and Victoria have supplied the first nine items on the list of Top Ten Favorite Valentines/Romantic movies and Top Ten Favorite “pick up lines”. YOU provide #10. Comment with your answers and email to enter for the site prize.  

For my contribution, 3 lucky winners will get a digital copy of Sweet Sizzle and winner's choice of 2 other books in the Red Hot Valentine collection. I'll be gifting the books either through Amazon or ARe. Just enter for my giveaway via the handy dandy Raffle Copter form at the bottom of this post.

Also, don't forget to enter for the grand prize: 

(20 carat lab ruby, signed paperback series of Immortals of New Orleans – Kym Grosso, and signed paperback series of Black Swan - Victoria Danann, plus a fabulous SWAG bag from Eve Langlais.)

1. The Princess Bride – Eve (because I love a giggle with my romantic fairy tales)
2. Pretty Woman – Eve (gotta love a poor girl/rich guy flick)
3. Warm Bodies – Eve (Zombies can be sexy, lol)
4. Sabrina - Kym
5. The Proposal – Kym
6. Forgetting Sarah Marshall – Kym
7. A Walk in the Clouds – Victoria
8. The Notebook – Victoria
9. Made in Heaven – Victoria
10. _______________________ What’s yours?
1. Eve’s Corny p/u lines: Did you sit in a puddle of maple syrup? Because you have a swe-e-e-t ass.
2. Eve: Do you live in a corn field? Because I’m stalking you.
3. Eve: Your lips look so lonely. Would they like to meet mine?
Note from Eve: Funny how most pickup lines are from guys to girls, and have to do with sex. lol. Then again, can you imagine a woman going up to a guy and saying “Hey gorgeous, I brought along my ten inch ruler because I’ve got a feeling you’ll measure up.” Hehehe.
4. Kym’s Corny p/u lines from movies: “Do you wash your pants in Windex? Because I can see myself in them.” ~Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery,
5. Kym: “You know, it’s dangerous for you to be here in the frozen food section… Because you could melt all this stuff.” ~My Blue Heaven
6. Kym: “I couldn’t help but notice that you look a lot like my next girlfriend.” ~Hitch
7. Victoria’s fav lines that actually worked on me: (The lifeguard.) “You all might as well go home because this storm isn’t going away. (looks at me) Except you. You stay and we’ll go swimming.”
8. Victoria: “Have you seen Jeff?” “Who’s Jeff?” “Who cares? What’s your name?”
9. Victoria: “You’re my pick for student body president. Run and I’ll make sure you get elected.”
10. ___________________ What’s yours?

To find out more about the Red Hot Valentine collection, please check out our Facebook page. Each book is only 99 cents!

Valentine’s Day—the bane of Rory Sinclair’s existence. Hard to forgive the one holiday responsible for the single most moronic decision of her life. If it was up to her, she’d skip anything to do with cupid, but with her business partner home sick with the flu, she’s stuck delivering a bunch of cookie bouquets to a local firehouse. Who knows, maybe she’ll cure her Valentine’s Day neurosis and heat up the mattress with a hunky firefighter. Her plan of donning some edible undies and getting her freak on goes up in flames though the instant she steps through the doors of Station 5 and spots Bennet Jackson—the man responsible for her decade long Valentine’s Day boycott.

No matter how hard he’s tried, Ben has never gotten over the innocent girl he foolishly let slip between his fingers. When Rory unexpectedly crashes back into his world, he figures it’s his only shot at righting the wrongs of his past and getting her back in his bed and his life. For good. Unfortunately, she has other plans. Ones that don’t include him. He’s well aware that she has every reason to despise him, but if there’s one thing he’s up for, it’s a challenge. Because there’s no way in hell he’s losing the woman of his dreams again. And this time he’s prepared to pull out every dirty, sexy, and hotter-than-sin trick to convince her to stay.

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