Friday, July 8, 2011

New Contract!

It's official! I just signed the contract for Getting Familiar With Your Demon, book 4 in The Old Black Magic series!! I'm still in the process of getting this book wrapped up, so I don't have a blurb or anything to share yet, but so far it looks like I might be getting a February release date for this one. Fingers crossed!

And just because I can't resist letting Sam the demon bask in his celebratory moment. ;)


Ava March said...

Congrats, Jodi!!

And Sam...sigh...he's so freakin' hot. He can just keep on basking ;)

Jodi Redford said...

Thanks, Ava!

I think I've figured out why Sam is always in the pool. He's so damn hot, it's the only way to cool himself off. ;)