Friday, April 5, 2013

Name Mr. Hot Stuff!

He’s Big, Badass, and...Nameless???

That's right, y'all. The smokin’ hot dragon shifter hero for the next That Old Black Magic book needs YOUR help getting a proper name other than Mr. Hot Stuff. Because lets face it, he’s gonna get a lot of heckling from his dragon buddies if I continue to call him that. In addition to scoring the coveted bragging right of Supreme Dragon Namer, one lucky winner will also get an official shoutout in the book dedication, which they can flaunt to the entire world to prove their outstandingly awesome naming skills. The main winner PLUS two lucky runners up will also get autographed print copies of That Voodoo You Do, The Seven Year Witch, Maximum Witch, and Getting Familiar With Your Demon AND a $20 eGC to Samhain Publishing.

Here's the official scoop on how the entries will work. From now until midnight June 15th you can enter via the form below as many times as you'd like, but each name entry needs to be unique. No entering 'Hot Pants Hinklebottom' 15 times--even if that is a kickass name. Out of those entries I'll pick 3 finalists who will be pitted in a test of skills against a velociraptor. Or I might just put up a voting poll and the top scoring entry will win. Yeah, probably that last option. Although I'll keep the velociraptor on standby. Just in case.

This contest is open to all, but please note that if you're outside the US, the print books will be coming from The Book Despository, and unsigned.

Some Mr. Hot Stuff fun facts to help you out:

HS took early retirement from the Drakoni Special Ops. He now owns a biker bar in downtown Savannah, GA. His beasty magnetism has always won over the ladies, but he's about to come up against one headstrong witch entirely immune to his dragon mojo. Okay, maybe not entirely.

Favorite food: BBQ ribs (Really anything flame broiled. For obvious reasons.)

Favorite drink: Bishop Bob’s Holy Smoke lager (Dragonmead microbrew)

Favorite sport: hockey

Favorite band: Metallica

Favorite saying: If you can’t take the heat, stay out of firing range.

Favorite movie: Enter the Dragon

Favorite TV show: Survivor (though he thinks it’d be infinitely better if they had to battle Komodo dragons in a daily challenge)

I've had some additional questions from entrants so I'm fielding those here in case anyone else has similar questions.

Do you submit first and last name? Yes. If you only submitted a first name that's okay too. If I choose a finalist who only submitted a first name, a last name can be added in the final round.

How old is Mr. Hot Stuff?  36

What color is he in dragon form? Black

Please feel free to leave any questions you have in the comments section. I can add to this list as needed.  

Now that you've got the insider scoop, it's time to lay your best name on me. Good luck!

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