Thursday, January 2, 2014

Desperately Seeking an Alpha Blog Hop

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In my humble opinion, there's very few things more swoon-worthy than an alpha hero. Especially when we're talking paranormal. Goes double for shape shifters. Speaking of double, two of my favorite alpha heroes I've written hail from the same book. Yep, I'm talking about those smokin' hot dragon twins, Aiden and Jace Fortune, from Light My Fire. These two hunks of burnin' love represent everything I hold dear in an alpha. They're strong, fearless and fierce when it comes to protecting their loved ones. Natural born leaders. Well, in Aiden's case, anyway. Jace is a little too concerned that being a leader would put too much of a crimp on his wooing time and daily siesta. Not that I necessarily disagree with him on that one. But if there's one thing these two brothers have in common, it's their inherent ability to turn up the heat when it comes to the fairer sex. As my lucky heroine, Dana Cooper, is about to find out...

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Double the firepower, triple the heat…

Aiden Fortune’s orders are clear: Find the woman, claim her as a sexual sacrifice—and share her with his horndog twin brother. Distasteful as it is, the Drakoni council insists the ancient custom be honored. Or Aiden will be banished.

One glance at Dana Cooper, and Aiden is thrown into the dragon version of a tailspin. Claim her? Hell, yes, he’ll claim her. Problem is, she has no idea her father signed away her destiny at birth.

Dana has dated enough whack-a-doodles to fill an insane asylum. Two gorgeous men claiming to be dragons? Par for the course. Until they give her a tantalizing glimpse of their inner beasts, which makes her think she’s the one headed for a padded cell—for actually considering their offer of the hottest sex of her life, for life.

Her resistance melts away under the onslaught of two men who pack enough heat to set off smoke alarms in a six-block radius. Especially when she realizes she’s falling for Aiden. But with a town full of dragon hunters and an enemy lurking in the shadows, surviving a week of Aiden and Jace’s double-teaming will be the least of her problems…

Warning: Contains two smokin’ hot dragons and their not-so-unwilling sacrifice. A few wardrobe malfunctions and inappropriate use of paintbrushes. You might want to have your local fire department on speed dial.


“Let’s clean it up and make sure it’s nothing more serious—like a singe mark.” Before she could balk, he scooped her into his arms and carried her to the sink. Settling her on the counter, he turned on the faucet and checked the water temperature. Apparently satisfied he wasn’t about to scald her, he guided her hand beneath the spray. The black mark began to dissolve.

“Told you it was nothing.” She reached out and shut off the faucet.

“Shhh, let me see.” His fingers glided over her slippery skin and she shuddered at the gentle intimacy of his touch. He raised his head and their gazes collided.

Oh boy. The intensity in his eyes was hotter than Jace’s fiery sneeze. He dipped close enough his
breath fanned her mouth. Then his lips were there. Pressing. Enticing. With minimal resistance she caved to the persuasive invasion of his tongue. Desire combusted within her, blanking out everything but the delicious sensations racing through her body and liquefying her bones. A kiss shouldn’t be this devastating—charged and all-consuming. Capable of incinerating your entire being into a smoking pile of ash.

“Dana…” A fine tremor of need shook Aiden’s voice. He circled her waist, his hands coasting over her hips. With an insistent tug, he pulled her from the counter. She bumped into him and her palms automatically splayed on his chest. The soft knit of his Henley didn’t disguise the solid wall of muscle beneath her fingertips. His mouth reclaimed hers briefly before sliding down the slope of her neck. Every centimeter of her skin tingled in response.

The front door squeaked open and she stiffened. Aiden’s hands roved along her back, soothing and seductive. He was shockingly good at the art of distraction. She almost managed to ignore Jace’s appearance in the kitchen entry.


Jace’s handsome features no longer held the vivid crimson hue from earlier. In its place was raw, elemental lust. His hooded gaze pinning her in place, he sauntered forward. A small, sexy grin playing at his lips, he watched Aiden nuzzling her neck. As if suddenly aware they had company, Aiden lifted his head and glanced at his brother.

“Don’t stop on my account.” Sidling closer, Jace stroked a finger along Dana’s cheek, the grazing caress lighter than the brush from a butterfly’s wing.

Aiden’s chest tensed and she waited, breathless, to see what he would do. A silent battle seemed to wage inside him. Finally, he loosened his unyielding grip on her waist and lowered his mouth to the sensitive crook where her neck and shoulder met. He growled into her skin before suctioning onto the tender spot. She gasped and Jace was there to soak up the sound. Shock ricocheted through her—both at the unexpectedness of Jace’s tongue in her mouth and having two pairs of lips on her at the same time.

Jace’s hand molded to the back of her head, holding her hostage to the dizzying voraciousness of his kiss. She whimpered for mercy and his smile slid across her lips. The arrogance of the gesture wasn’t lost on her, but she was too wrung out from their sensual onslaught to care. Abandoning her mouth, Jace flicked his tongue over the soft spot below her ear. Goose bumps ambushed every square inch of her.

“Mmm, do you taste this good everywhere?”

Assuming Jace’s question was merely rhetorical, she didn’t answer.

“Does she, bro? Taste this good all over?”

Okay, maybe it hadn’t been rhetorical.

Aiden’s teeth nipped her flesh and she had the fleeting impression he was marking her. He moved to her breasts, cupping them through the fuzzy sweater and her bra. Her nipples immediately puckered and he groaned. “Yes. Everywhere.”

Jace stepped behind her and reached for the hem of her sweater, inching it upward. Aiden helped tug the fabric over her head. Rather than letting her arms drop limp to her sides, Jace stooped and draped them around his neck. The angle forced her back to arch, thrusting her breasts fully into Aiden’s hungry grasp. He took full advantage of his good fortune, rasping his palms over her bra, his fingertips teasing the outer edges where lace gave way to skin. She wiggled and Jace’s husky chuckle floated to her ear.

“What’s the matter, sweetness? He find a ticklish spot?”

Coherent speech was impossible. Biting her lip, she nodded instead.

“You want me to get him to stop tormenting you?”

She gave another fierce nod, the crown of her head butting the underside of Jace’s whisker-roughened jaw.

“Then you’re gonna have to do exactly what I say. Think you can handle that?”

Probably not. She hummed in agreement anyway. Her eyes locked on Aiden. Cheekbones flushed dark with desire, he stared at her like he’d just crawled out of the desert and she was a refreshing glass of spring water.

Jace’s hands slid along her rib cage, reminding her of his presence. As if the persistent erection riding above her tailbone wasn’t enough. “Here’s what’s going to happen then. I’m going to unfasten this little pink bra so my brother can feast on those pretty breasts of yours.”

Okay, that didn’t sound too bad. In fact, it sounded damn terrific.

“But you’re not allowed to move. At all. Or make noises.”

What did he think she was? Freakin’ mute? “Uh, there’s going to be noises. Trust me.”

Warm lips brushed just to the side of her temple. “Then there’ll be consequences.”

Moisture flooded her pussy at the sexy menace in Jace’s tone. Oh Lord, who knew she was such a masochist? “What sort of consequences?”

“If I tell you, it’ll spoil your pleasure.”

She snorted. “Don’t you mean your pleasure?”

“Oh no, darlin’. My pleasure is guaranteed just by watching you come undone.”

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lisagkendall said...

Werewolf is probably my favorite type of shifter, but dragon is a very close second. Thanks for asking, lisagk(at)yahoo

Joanne said...

If I had to choose a favorite, I'd have to say dragon shifter followed very closely by wolf shifters.


Sue Sattler said...

I love the big cat shifters, but that's because there aren't that many dragon shifter books out. I'm so excited!!
proudarmymom32 at yahoo dot com

elaing8 said...

A werewolf :)

Life Without Frank said...

Pretty new genre for me but I like big cats, especially lions. I'm close to Vegas so I always make sure to stop by and see them when we're there.

sabai30705 at yahoo dot com

Beth said...

Toss up between dragons and bears. Those are the top two, followed by big cats, wolves, and the very unusual.

carolcobun @