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Wicked Reads Blog Hop

Hi everyone! Welcome to my spot on the Wicked Reads Blog Hop! I hope you're enjoying the tour and discovering a bunch of new authors and entering all those fabulous giveaways! For my giveaway I'm offering up a $10 Amazon GC and winner's choice of any 2 of my ebooks from my backlist. You'll find the Rafflecopter down at the bottom of this post, but first I'd love to share a bit about an exciting new box set I'm a part of that will be releasing Nov 3rd.

The Hunks, Hammers, and Happily Ever Afters set features 7 sexy blue collar, hammer wielding hunks and the ladies who know exactly how to tame them. Or at least they try! ;) The collection is available for pre-order right now for a limited time price of 99 CENTS. Talk about a smokin' deal! My contribution is Knotty Magic. Here's a little exclusive first peek:

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Knotty Magic

To free yourself of the past, sometimes you have to believe in the impossible. For professional logger, Huck McKenzie, that means not only admitting magic exists, but opening his heart to the one woman who stands between him and a $20,000 payday—Tully Eastwood. Getting trapped together in an enchanted forest? Yeah, that won’t end badly. Especially when frisky nature spirits decide to turn up the heat. But giving into lust is one thing. Can two stubborn hearts take a chance on love? It’ll take a whole lotta knotty magic to pull off this miracle.


“Why do I have a bad feeling you’re going to call me in an hour needing bail money?”

Tuning out her grandmother’s dire prediction, Tully Eastwood gunned the engine of her ancient station wagon and slammed the gear into reverse. A car horn blared, presumably in response to her nearly clipping its front end. She offered the offended driver a wave in apology and received the woman’s middle finger in return.
Well, that was just plain rude and uncalled for. Grumping under her breath, Tully finished backing up, allowing the vehicle to speed past her. Shaking her head, she straightened the steering wheel and dared a glance toward the curb fronting Blue Moon Books. Her granny remained glued in place, worry stitching a new batch of wrinkles across her brow. 

Sighing, Tully ducked her head out the window. “Stop your fretting. I promise to keep my cool.”

“Dearest, you don’t know the meaning of that word. It’s the curse of being a redhead and an Eastwood. That poor man doesn’t stand a chance.”

No, he doesn’t. Whatever it took, she was going to knock some sense into Huck McKenzie’s thick noggin. Grinding her teeth, Tully shifted into drive and stomped on the gas. 

Trying to keep track of the occasions she and Huck butted heads could be its own full time job. Seriously. Yes, she was outspoken about certain things, especially when it came to preserving the pristine beauty of their small community. But someone needed to give a damn. If the logging outfit Huck worked for had their way, they’d end up felling every tree in a hundred mile radius. 

Bad as that might be—and it certainly would be, in her book—this latest development amounted to an all-time low. According to the gossip she’d overheard in the store earlier, Blue Moon’s magic tree was about to face the chopping block. Only this time, a greedy, conscienceless corporation wasn’t to blame. No, that rested squarely on Huck’s shoulders, seeing how he owned the property containing the tree. 

She wasn’t merely pissed about what he was doing. It was a complete act of betrayal. Because for her and Huck, the tree wasn’t only a magical wonder, it was also responsible for their very existence. But instead of honoring that fact and protecting the oak from money grubbing developers, he was cashing in. 

That motherfucker.

Her grandmother’s words chose that inconvenient moment to pop to the forefront of Tully’s mind. “Go easy on him, Dearest. You know he’s going through a difficult time right now.” 

Beneath the hazy of fury causing her to white-knuckle the steering wheel, another emotion settled in. One far more uncomfortable to acknowledge in the harsh light of day. 

Three days ago Huck’s ex gallivanted back into town after a two year hiatus, flashing an engagement ring—put there by his former best friend. It had to have been a gut punch to Huck. How did she know? She’d experienced that lovely sensation every second of every day during Huck and Melanie’s couplehood.

Yeah, being in love with her biggest enemy? Clearly she had a Ph.D in irony and WTF are you thinking.

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