Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Author Guest: Kellie Kamryn + Giveaway!

Today I'm super thrilled to have a truly awesome author and friend, Kellie Kamryn stopping by for a visit. I first met Kellie at the Romantic Times Convention back in May. I had such a blast hanging out with her in NOLA, and when she told me about her new UFC book, I KNEW I had to pimp this one out! And you're in luck, because Kellie is generously offering up a digital copy! For a chance to win, just comment about whether or not you watch UFC and if you like it. Please leave an email addy so we can contact you if you're the winner. Contest is open to all, but closes at Midnight on June 6th. Good luck!

                                        Guilty as Sin: Sin City Series Book 1

A UFC fighter caught up in the world of organized crime risks his one chance at freedom to save the woman he loves.
As a UFC fighter, Sinclair Reed aka Sinister 3, always had a plan. Getting tangled up with the mob, or falling in love with a woman he can’t forget, never factored into it.
After a brief affair, bestselling author, Cherie Bouchard, thought she’d seen the last of UFC light middleweight champ “Sinister 3” when they parted ways at the airport. Determined to discover if her feelings are real for Sinclair, or the result of her hopeless romantic imagination, she purchases tickets to his fight when the UFC comes to town.
As the lovers re-unite, they discover someone wants him dead, and Sinclair has twenty-four hours to choose between Cherie and freedom. For a smart guy like him, it should be a no-brainer. When it comes to the woman he loves, he’s as guilty as sin.


Unspoken communication passed between them—desire, longing, raw sensuality. She gestured between them. “So, that’s all this is between us? Lust?”
“Is that what you came to ask me?”
Swallowing hard, her head bobbed an affirmative. “I suppose.”
Sinclair cast his gaze downward, before locking it onto her. “No. Yes.” He sighed in exasperation. “Truth is…I haven’t stopped thinking about you since I said good-bye.” The admission lightened a burden he hadn’t been aware he’d carried.
Her breath caught, and she pressed a hand to her heart. “Really?”
“Yeah, really.” Truth sets you free.
“Jesus H… I thought it was just me.” Pacing in a small circle, she gestured in a wild fashion. “I tried so hard to put you behind me, to tell myself it was only a good time… But I just couldn’t—”
He interrupted. “Get me out of your head?”
Sheepish, she nodded.
“Yeah,” he admitted. “That’s how I felt, but about you.” Sinclair waved his arm in a helpless gesture. “I didn’t want to hurt you. You’re an amazing woman. But with my training schedule, and the distance—I didn’t want to commit to something—”
“Stop.” Cherie raised both hands in front of her. “Don’t. I thought maybe if I saw you again, I’d see you for who you are and be able to get you out of my system once and for all. Turns out—not so much.”
“This’ll make me sound like more of a jerk, but just because I’ve thought of you often, doesn’t mean I’ve been celibate since we parted.”
A light laugh accompanied her shrug. “I didn’t expect you to be. We had no commitment. I’ve been on a date or two as well.”
Unexpected jealousy reared its ugly head. Sinclair bristled, a low growl sounding in his throat at the thought of her with another man, his hands on her, fucking her.
Curiosity etched her brow. “Let’s agree not to talk about our sex lives,” she suggested.
Sinclair gave a curt nod. “Agreed.” He shifted in his seat, legs splayed.
Her eyes were drawn to his crotch. Moistening her lips again, she quickly averted her gaze.
“Cherie,” he said, voice low when he spoke. “It’s not that I don’t want to talk to you. I just can’t think of anything coherent to say. Not when I want you the way I do.”
“You’ve already warned me. Understood.”
For a moment, he wondered if she’d walk away. He half hoped she would, simplifying their lives.
With deliberate slowness, she untied the knot at her waist, letting the sweater fall open and hang from her shoulders to reveal the silky fabric of her tank top for a moment before letting it fall to the floor. Cherie shimmied her shoulders, the thin straps of her top, sliding down her arms.
Sinclair sucked in a breath as the top snagged on her beaded nipples for a second, the built-in bra dissolving as the shirt slid down her torso. “You don’t have to do this.”
“Oh, believe me, I want to.” Cherie wriggled her hips, and in a dull swish of clothing, jeans, shirt and panties pooled on the floor at her feet.
His erection grew as his eyes roamed over her body from head to toe. Nude, she posed in front of him, one hand on jutted hip. He watched her breasts rise and fall with each panting breath. She lifted her chin, and he took the hint, unzipping his jeans, and sliding the material down over his hips, lifting his ass to remove them altogether. He lowered himself into the seat a little more, cock straining against his boxer briefs.
She tilted her head in a coy gesture. “It’s not a fair fight.”
With a chuckle, he stripped off his underwear, allowing his cock to spring to attention. The scent of her arousal wafted over to him, assaulting his senses. He extracted a condom from the wallet in the back pocket of his jeans, and rolled it down his dick.
Swaying her hips, she sauntered toward him, and reached for his T-shirt. He lifted his arms for her to take it off.
His arms circled her waist. “Come here, baby.”
An ear-to-ear grin on her face, Cherie climbed onto his lap, one knee on either side of his thighs, hands resting on his shoulders.
Sinclair gripped her hips, guiding her pussy until she was poised over his cock which strained to get inside her. He searched her eyes for any sign of hesitation. “You sure?” he asked.
“Absolutely.” She lowered her hips until the plump head of his cock probed her slick entrance. Her hot, wet pussy melted around his hard shaft as he slid home. Her head tipped back, eyes rolled up to the ceiling.
“Fuck, baby.” Sinclair panted, pressing a kiss to her collarbone, his tongue licking a path along the ridge and up the column of her throat. He resisted the urge to flip her to her back and fuck her like an animal in heat. “I’ve missed you.”
The tears shining in her eyes tugged at his heart. “I’ve missed you, too, Sin,” she whispered, using the nickname she’d given him as a play on his fighting name, “Sinister Three”.
“Ride me, Sweetheart. Now.”

Award-winning author, Kellie Kamryn is captain of her crew wearing many a hat: chauffeur, cook, maid, and arm chair psychologist. In her spare time, she lets her sassy side out to play, writing stories and poetry that sweeps readers into other worlds of contemporary erotic romance.
Sweet and romantic, or sassy and hot, Kellie's writing will melt your heart - and maybe your undies! Her vivid style of storytelling has gained her erotic romances numerous 5-star reviews. Mulit-talented, she does voice work recording audiobooks, available exclusively on Amazon, iTunes, Audible.com.

A PRO member of the Romance Writers of America, Kellie is a regular contributing blogger for the Ass Cheek Angels as well as a motivational speaker, and most recently a regular contributor to the Lifestyle section on www.evolvedworld.com. To drop her a line, contact her through her website: www.kelliekamryn.com

Please visit Kellie's Amazon Author Page


Kellie Kamryn said...

Thanks for pimping me out!

Jodi Redford said...

Absolutely, Kellie! Your new release sounds soooooooo good!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely watch UFC. It's beautiful and brutal at the same time.

Kellie Kamryn said...

Yeah, it is! My family will host "fight night" at my parents place and everyone will bring food and watch when there's a title match on :)

Julie Duffy said...
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Julie Duffy said...

I like movies with UFC story lines, but I don't watch it as a sport. julieaalexandria@me.com

Kellie Kamryn said...

Cool Julie! Glad you stopped by :)

Kellie Kamryn said...

Since only two people commented, I'll give copies to you both!! Thanks for stopping by and thanks again for hosting me Jodi :)

Jodi Redford said...

It was an absolute pleasure to have you, Kellie. Congrats to the winners!!!