Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Coming Soon to an ereader near you!

Okay, I've been sitting on this announcement for a while, but it's time to let the cat out of the bag. Well, the cat and dog, in this case. A brand spankin' new That Old Black Magic spinoff series is on it's way! And I'm doing something pretty exciting and special for it's launch. As many of you know, I'm part of the Red Hot Authors group. If you haven't already checked us out, please do! Lots of amazingly talented writers and fabulous books to discover! Our next collection is going to be centered around Halloween, so I had an aha moment. What better way to introduce new readers to the That Old Black Magic world while also giving my wonderful, awesometastically dedicated fans some new magical smexiness to drool over? So long story short, that's how Kissin' Hell was born. I already have an amazing cover, thanks to the uber talented Becky McGraw. I can't show it off until the Red Hots start their big cover reveals in October, but in the meantime here's a teaser peek at the blurb and the theme songs for the hero and heroine--Jericho and Lola.

The Soul Collectors have always played a fun, integral part of the That Old Black Magic world, and I'm super excited to share their stories with y'all!

Kissin' Hell~ Coming October 15!

There are two certainties in life soul collector and hellhound Jericho Stryker knows too well—Death never takes a holiday, and women are typically more trouble than they’re worth. That goes double for his personal nemesis and regular pain in his backside, Lola McKenna. Sure, the luscious little hellcat gets his blood boiling in more ways than one, but some scratches are best left un-itched. That determination is strained to the max when a botched soul acquisition job lands him on the same case as Lola.

Fetching a stubborn soul from a haunted bordello should be a piece of cake. Unfortunately for Lola, she has to deal with Jericho horning in on her bounty. Attempting to keep her cool and her wits around her sinfully sexy adversary? Easier said than done. Especially when she finds herself locked overnight with Jericho. Not strangling him before sunrise? A faint possibility. Ignoring the lusty, depraved sexual fantasies he awakens in her? A snowball’s chance in hell of happening. But worse of all is the very real possibility that he could steal the one thing she most fears losing to him—her heart.


Fedora said...

AWESOME!! Yay, Jodi!

Jodi Redford said...

Thanks, Fedora! These books are going to be so much FUN!