Thursday, October 1, 2009

Musical inspiration

I've been slowly putting together the soundtrack for my WIP, and I've gotta say, this book has probably some of the most varied yet vastly inspiring scene tracks I've ever stumbled on.

For instance, this song pretty much inspired me to write the book in the first place:

With this song, lets just say it's inspired some smokin' love scenes. Sorry, couldn't resist.

And this one. Well, I've always loved this song and when I heard Anberlin's new cover of it, it immediately tickled my muse.

So how about you? Does music inspire you to write, or is more a distraction? Inquiring minds would love to know...


Ava March said...

Hey Jodi! Great songs, and great videos!!

I have an old person's taste in music (old jazz, Frank Sinatra, Bee Gees, Barry White - yeah...I shop in the easy listening section), but none of that gets me in the mood to write historical m/m romance. The only music that can somewhat inspire me is classical. Brahms, Vivaldi, Beethoven, their more dramatic, emotional pieces. They can sometimes do the trick when I'm working on an angst scene.

My daughter (who's 5) loves Taylor Swift, and makes me play the song Love Story in the car. That song can get me in the mood to write m/f romance like nothing else.

Jodi Redford said...

Hey Ava, you definitely don't have an old person's taste! I love me some Frank and oh my God, don't even start me on Barry White. And you're totally right about how intense and atmospheric classical music can be. For some of my heavier fantasy stuff I like to listen to a lot of classical and even some movie soundtracks. Globus has some very cool stuff that gives a big, cinematic feel. Because hey, we all like to think of our books being on the big screen someday, right? ;-)

Oh, I love that song by Taylor Swift too. Definitely a good one to get in the mood for romance.