Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My favorite season


Without question, autumn is my favorite of the seasons. It helps that here in Michigan, autumn comes with gorgeous changing of the leaves and the obligatory visit to a cider mill. Mmm... hot donuts and fresh cider. Picture me doing the Homer Simpson drool. This time of year also brings out my instinctual urge to hibernate. Seriously, I'm already shuddering thinking about the six months of winter lurking around the bend.

That brings me to my least favorite season. Winter.

Honestly, if it lasted a week or so--say from right before Christmas up until New Years--I would be a happy camper. Maybe if I enjoyed winter sports I'd be okay with all that white stuff coming down from the skies. But unfortunately, skiing means getting out in the cold. And possibly breaking a body part. Two of my least favorite activities. I've tried snowmobiling. Lets just say my favorite part of the whole thing was coming back to the cabin and polishing off a bottle of mulled wine. Winter does have a few advantages though. The bulky sweaters help hide those few extra pounds I've packed on thanks to the yummy cider mill donuts. Plus its not hard to convince myself to stay in and get my writing done.

So how about you? What's your favorite season of the year?


Ava March said...

I am so a summer gal, which is odd considering I do not like laying out in the sun or going to the beach or doing any other normal outdoor hot weather activity. I just like the warm weather and having the option to go out in sun (fully slathered with sunscreen) if I so choose. LOL

Winter...hate it. That pic of the snowed in car just gets me depressed, because I know it's going to look like that outside in a couple months.

Jodi Redford said...

Hey Ava! Yeah, I totally know what you mean. The snowed-in car is majorly depressing. As one who has had to dig out her fair share of them, I'm really not looking forward to it.

Lol on the not liking the hot weather activity. I'm pretty much the same way. Maybe I'm just not into outdoor activity period. Yeah, I'm thinking if I were to be reincarnated into a sloth, I'd be blissfully happy. ;-)