Friday, October 30, 2009

My favorite creepy movies

This time of year gives me a perfect excuse to indulge in one of my guilty pleasures - scary movies. I admit it, I love any opportunity to keep myself awake at night, jumping at anything that resembles a ghostly moan or the shuffling tread of a flesh-hungry zombie. So, in no particular order here are a few of the flicks on my annual viewing list:

Gary Oldman as Dracula.
Could it get any better?

My all time favorite
werewolf movie.

Zombies. Enough said.

More zombies.

Vampires run amok in a Alaska.
Probably my fav vampire flick
of all time.

Not scary but good
campy fun.

The classic that launched
an entire franchise.

Creepy with some
great dark humor.

Probably one of my fav movies
of all time. Period. A writer
slowly losing his mind. Yep,
can totally relate.

If you've got some must watch scary flicks to recommend, I'd love to hear about them.

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