Sunday, December 9, 2012

Special Guest Elisabeth Roseland + Giveaway!

Hi everyone, and welcome to Sunday's edition of The Naughty Christmas Blog Party! Today we have Elisabeth Roseland dishing about tasty holiday dishes and her equally delicious upcoming release, ADVERTISING FOR LOVE. And check it out--she's giving a copy to one lucky commenter! Please follow her directions for entering this fab giveaway. And don't forget, your comments also enter you in the main Amazon eGC and weekly giveaways.

Without further ado, please welcome Elisabeth!

The end of October begins what I call “The Eating Season.”  It opens with a handful of Halloween candy and closes with way too much of everything on New Year’s Eve. It is, hands down, my favorite time of year.

Honey glazed ham, baked turkey, roasted duck, cornbread dressing, fried corn, collard greens, roasted green beans, fried oysters, black-eyed peas, homemade rolls, sweet potato pie, sock-it-to-me cake—I could go on and on about my personal holiday favorites. All of it delicious. All of it festive. And all of it a great way to celebrate the holidays with family and friends.

I’m a bit of a foodie, and I’m lucky enough to benefit from having great cooks in my family and living in a city renowned for its cuisine. So when it came time for me to write my first book, it was natural that food would play some kind of role.

Greg Williams, the hero of ADVERTISING FOR LOVE, grew up around good food and always wanted to be a chef.  His life plans get derailed after losing his respectable job as an investment banker, and he is forced to become an escort to make ends meet. His new-found career proves to be quite lucrative, and he uses his savings to finally fund his dream of going to culinary school. But with the restaurant industry on shaky financial ground and the escorting business continuing to fill his bank account, should he risk his financial future? And are the sparks he’s feeling with his newest client, Aisha Anderson, real?

ADVERTISING FOR LOVE (Samhain) will be released on December 11th, but now is your opportunity to grab a taste!  One lucky winner will be chosen at random to receive a copy of the book in whatever e-format works best for you. In the comments, just let me know what your favorite holiday dish is. My mouth is already watering!

                                            Available at Samhain  Amazon  Barnes&Noble

In the kitchen, in a tux—and out of it—he’s got the skills to crank up the heat.

Ebony Nights, Book 1

When Aisha Anderson hires a professional escort for her company’s gala, it’s not because she can’t get a date. Her fast-track career at Hansen Advertising doesn’t give her the time—and it’s the only way to avoid dancing with her creepy, inappropriate co-worker.

To her delight, Greg Williams plays the role of charming, attentive gentleman so well, she could almost believe the sparks between them are real. When he takes her home and demonstrates—with considerable sexual skill—that the heat is not her imagination, she can’t say no to his request for her number in lieu of payment.

Their hot night continues into a warm breakfast at Greg’s favorite back-street diner, where Aisha feels something she hasn’t felt for a long time. Part of a couple.

Later, though, when she runs into a former client of his who seems eager to compare notes on his erotic bag of tricks, the sizzle begins to cool in shadows of doubt. Long-term could be a stretch for a man who’s dated half the women in Chicago.

Especially when there’s the possibility that demand for his services could take him away right when she needs him most…

Product Warnings
This book contains a sexy black man with mad culinary skills, an ad exec with a hunger for something well-cut and lean, and an escort service that knows how to satisfy every woman’s appetites. 

For an excerpt and more information, please visit my website:
Happy holidays, everyone!

Elisabeth Roseland


Anonymous said...

Oh, boy, I have so many! Homemade cranberry sauce, various cookies (double chocolate! ginger! oatmeal walnut), the wonderful tamales friends bring on Christmas Eve... My latest discovery is the pumpkin cheesecake from Rose Levy Beranbaum's ROSE'S HEAVENLY CAKES spices in it, but a lovely caramel swirl on top--amazingly good!


K. April Holgate said...

This book looks sexy! Gonna add it to my to be read list!

Thanks for the giveaway!!


Jyl22075 said...

This sounds like a really fun book! I do so love a man with culinary skills (I have no skill in that area at all.)

JYL22075 at gmail dot com

elaing8 said...

Great cover,and it sounds really good.
I have lots of favorite dishes.Besides the turkey, :) I love my cranberry cheesecake bars and Magic Christmas Bars (from eagle brand)

*yadkny* said...

Can't wait to read it! My favorite holiday dish is my mom's enchilada's and tamales!! I will be getting my fill of them this Christmas for sure:)

Anonymous said...

A man that can cook is sexy to me.
My favorite holiday dish is Mrs. Smith's pumpkin custard pie that you bake for the holidays. It's lighter than regular pumpkin pie and really good.

strive4bst(At) yahoo(Dot) com

bn100 said...

Congrats on the book! I like turkey.


Arely ZPerez said...

My favorite holiday dish is my mom's special dessert. It's like a cake and it's very lemony and delicious!
Thanks so much for the giveaway!


Brenda Jean Hyde said...

Hi Elisabeth! My favorite dish is my cheese ball. I can never have enough of it. LOL Fortunately my family loves it too so I don't eat it all by myself:)

wayfaringwriter at gmail dot com

Chrisbails said...

I like it. Sounds like a great read. Adding to my list list. Thanks for the giveaway.
Christinebails at yahoo dot com.

Joanne said...

This sounds like a fantastic book. Can't wait to read it. My favorite is pumpkin pie. Yum!


Tawania said...

I'm a foodie as well, I love the book premise. I will be adding it to my wish list. Thanks :)

joye said...

This book sounds really good. I love the cover.

SusanR said...

One of my favorites is mashed potatoes! I only make them this time of the year, and because we have food allergies, I can't just get them anytime. THey are my number one comfort food!

And I had to add a holiday dessert - maple walnut cranberry pie - YUM!!

SusanR said...

Sorry - forgot my email!! susanmik AT gmail DOT com

pc said...

I love maple-glazed spiral ham which we only have at Christmas!

Nay Nay said...

Merry Christmas. We have a traditional family dish that is only made at holidays. It's called Rice & Peas or Peas & Rice. It's a West Indian dish I learned to make at my grandmother's knee. I had to write the recipe down as she taught me because she didn't measure anything and the dish always turned out great. Anyway, I have given copies of the recipe to all the grown children so that if something happens to me, the recipe will stay in the family. I am teaching the children how to make it, so one of them can take over making it for Christmas.
Hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Thanks for the chance to win. <^_^>
reneebennett35 (at) yahoo (dot) com

bas1chs said...

Thanks for sharing the book and the post. I'm heading over to read the excerpt.
bas1chsemail at gmail dot com

laura troxel said...

Adding this book to my buy list.

Booksrforever123 said...

fresh baked sweet potatoes and cranberry salad made by grandma.

laura troxel said...

adding this book to my buy list.