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Special Guest Stacy Gail + a Rafflecopter Giveaway!

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I'm super thrilled to welcome today's special guest, Stacy Gail. And I'm not just saying that because she let's me cyber grope her. *waggles eyebrows* It just so happens that Stacy pens some fantastic books, including her latest release, How the Glitch Saved Christmas, which is part of Carina Press's A Galactic Holiday anthology. That's right, folks. Christmas-themed sci-fi!! Woo to the hoo! Also, be sure and enter the Rafflecopter giveaway at the end of Stacy's post. She, Anna, and Sasha are giving away some fabulous prizes!

 A GALACTIC HOLIDAY—3 Sexy Sci-Fi Novellas That Fit A Hectic Holiday Schedule

First off, thanks so much to the fabulous Jodi Redford for allowing me to pop in on her blog to celebrate the season, as well as the release of…*drum roll* A GALACTIC HOLIDAY, the sci-fi holiday anthology from Carina Press!  

You know that wild-eyed woman tossing people aside to get to that must-have item on everyone’s wish list?  You can spot her a mile away—she’s the one whose makeup has long since rubbed off, is clutching a fistful of sale ads so price-matching can be done at a moment’s notice, and has a half-eaten candy cane stuck in her hair. Yeah.  That would be me.  Please forgive me if I run you over.  This is my time of year to get twitchy, and I rarely have any memory of the terrible crimes against humanity I’ve committed once the New Year rolls around.  It all pretty much becomes a festive-looking blur spiked with the flavor of rum-laced eggnog.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the Christmas madness!  But I’ve always needed a moment or two of peace and quiet in this hectic season, and that’s why I love holiday romance novellas.  Some are sweet, some are sexy, some are deliciously durrty (hi, Jodi! :D), but ALL of them have that wonderful spirit of Christmas.  And when that’s sprinkled on top of a Happily Ever After, it’s made that much more sigh-worthy.  But the best thing of all about holiday novellas—THEY’RE SHORT.  In addition to being a legendary Black-Friday ninja warrior, I’m also the decorator, tree putter-upper, gift wrapper and cookie baker in the fam, so I literally don’t have the time to spend on a 400-page novel.  I’d love that… oh wow, how I’d love that… *drifts off to dream about it for a few moments* but it’s not my reality.  Good grief, is that anyone’s reality this time of year?!

Luckily Carina Press understands that most women are like me.  Let’s face it, y’all—for the most part we’re the ones who make the holidays happen, and that means we’re pushed to the limit schedule-wise (feel free to throw in a “HELL, YEAH!” at this point).  Because CP knows their readers so well, they’ve released their holiday anthologies filled with shorter, time-conscious stories that still have all the sizzling romance and HEAs you can shake a stick at, and I’m lucky enough to have been chosen to be a part of it!

My novella, HOW THE GLITCH SAVED CHRISTMAS, kicks off A GALACTIC HOLIDAY anthology with a Grinch-in-reverse tale that soon lands two rival detectives, Reina Vedette and Edison Wicke, in a race to find their own Christmas miracle.  GLITCH is just the first of three stories in the anthology—WINTER FUSION by Anna Hackett and GALILEO’S HOLIDAY by Sasha Summers round out this feel-good holiday antho. Anna, Sasha and I agree that what makes this time of year special isn’t the shopping or getting as much loot as you can from Santa (though I’m not gonna lie—loot is pretty freakin’ awesome :P).  It’s about spending the holidays with the people we love.

However you celebrate this time of year, enjoy the holidays with your friends and family, but leave a little “me” time to also enjoy some great holiday stories.  And to Jodi and my antho sisters, I’m so glad I’ve been lucky enough to get to “know” you ladies. Y’all have made this holiday season extra bright! *HUGS*

Reina Vedette chose principle over position when the Chicago police department ordered her to accept performance-enhancing body modifications or lose her rank. Demoted to a level one detective, Reina's stuck chasing a bizarre, Grinch-in-reverse break-in case with fiery bod-mod enthusiast and level five top detective Edison Wicke.
Wicke has had his eye on Reina for ages, and as the two of them hunt down the benevolent burglar, they take turns warming each other with body heat in the subzero Chicago winter. Despite professional friction and their opposing views on bod-modding, Reina soon has to admit that she and Wicke are perfect for each other.
But when they track down their philanthropic quarry on Christmas Day, an unexpected glitch in a homemade android brings out Reina's emotional side, and she and Wicke must decide whether love between a Neo-Luddite and a "walking toaster" is a gift that either of them can give.
34,000 words

WINTER FUSION, by Anna Hackett:
Ex-space marine Savan Bardan survived the Galactic Wars to become the most ruthless trade negotiator in the galaxy. His planet needs energy to survive, and he'll do anything to close the deal for the Perman fusion crystals that can provide it—even if it means seducing his beautiful, infuriating opponent, a rival icier than her planet.
Perma's top negotiator, Brinn Fjord, lost her father when Savan delayed her planet's Trade Guild membership years ago. She hates the handsome Rendarian and the planet he represents. She's determined to finish the deal and get rid of him as quickly as possible, so she can celebrate the holidays.
But soon the rival negotiators are in a fight for their lives. Besieged by mysterious accidents and unforgiving weather, Brinn and Savan have no one to depend on but each other. As they put the past aside, they uncover a desire hot enough to melt ice, and Brinn discovers a secret that may keep them apart.
28,000 words

GALILEO’S HOLIDAY, by Sasha Summers:
Ice miner Riley works alone in the depths of space, and that's the way she likes it. She's proud of her independence, and when her ship gets destroyed by raiders on the icy surface of Galileo, she's not sure she wants to rely on rakish trader Leo and the kindness of a band of settlers to survive.
Despite her attempts to keep her distance, it's not long before Riley warms to the family atmosphere of the settlers' station. As Galileo's Holiday approaches and she develops feelings for the handsome, charming Leo, she questions whether she really wants to remain alone.
But Leo is hiding cargo the raiders want, and when they come back for it, everyone on the small station is in danger. Riley will risk anything to protect her new friends—because if the raiders succeed, the choice between Leo and a life alone won't be Riley's to make.
23,000 words

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Stacy Gail said...

Jodi, thanks so much for allowing me to drop in and shout about A GALACTIC HOLIDAY! (And you can grope me anytime, baybay! :D)

Happy holidays!

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Hi JODI!!! I'll jump on the Thank You wagon with Stacy!!! You Rock!
Happy Holidays! ;)

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These sound intriguing.


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I agree..I love the short holiday stories. I am also the tree putter-upper,the buyer of gifts, wrapper of all gifts and baker. So I don't have a lot of time to read which kills me. I need my reading time. And these short holiday themed stories fit the bill. I can read them in one sitting, usually right before bed.
All three stories in this anthology sound really good,I'll have to check it out.

Jyl22075 said...

I love short stories around the holidays since I have such limited time.

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Merry Christmas! I love the idea of a sci fi Christmas and the book sounds great. I definitely want this one. Have a wonderful Christmas. Thanks for the chance to win. <^_^>
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Jodi - thanks so much for sharing about A GALACTIC HOLIDAY.

Hope everyone enjoys a little sci-fi with their holidays!

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I am becoming a fan of short stories of late, its been so crazy lately in my life to find time read is hard. These help. Merry Christmas!

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